All-Natural 100% Grass Fed Beef

Health, vitality, land stewardship,
and superior product

Our mission is to produce great-tasting, high-quality, wholesome beef with only the finest ingredients-grass, sunshine and clean water-the way nature intended cattle to graze.

Our cattle begin their lives on the lush mountain grasses of our Ranch in Southeastern Washington where they eat natural grass geared to their digestive systems. With this diet and ample space to roam, exercise and play, our cattle are healthy and happy. Because of the attention we pay to our cattle's diet and living conditions, they are better able to resist illness and disease thus eliminating the need to treat with antibiotics or receive growth hormones.

During the Spring, a select number of cattle are transported from the Ranch to the abundant grasses of our Duvall Farm. Here they are raised on carefully managed pastures, able to eat when they are hungry, exercise at will, move into shade during the heat of day and rest when they are tired.

Our grass-raised beef is healthy, good for the environment and unforgettably delicious. Low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories, our meats have elevated levels of vitamin C and health-promoting Omega-3 fatty acids. We have found that our grazing practices have not only proven advantageous to our cattle, but have naturally improved our soil fertility and eliminated waste-management problems. Wildlife also benefited by creating a more suitable environment and healthier ecosystem.

These practices also directly benefit taste "The search is worth it," writes Corby Kummer in the Atlantic Monthly. "Grass-fed beef tastes better than corn-fed beef: meatier, purer, far less fatty, the way we imagine beef tasted before feedlots and farm subsides changed ranchers and cattle." When raised and cooked properly, grass-fed beef is lean and juicy with a robust flavor. It is unforgettably delicious.