All Natural Hay

Would you eat a salad that you knew had been sprayed with a broad leaf herbicide? If the answer is no, then why would you expose your horse to the same? Most hay shipped from eastern to western Washington has been sprayed with herbicides and/or non natural fertilizer. Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle purchased eastern Washington hay in 2008 rather than a local, all natural product. The hay was contaminated by a broadleaf herbicide and their popular Zoo Do could not be used.

Our hay is all natural, no sprays or artificial fertilizer. It is primarily orchard grass with small amounts of rye and tests 13% protein with 18% sugar. "Perfect horse hay" says Dr. Larry Pickering, local DVM. "Horses do not need high protein. All high protein does to a horse is stress its kidneys. Because this hay (from Two Mountains Farm) has a high sugar content, horses will eat it all day long, keeping them regular."

Our hay bales are two string bales, 14x18x40 inches and weigh approximately 60 pounds. Contact us for the latest prices. We provide discounts for volume buyers.

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