Two Mountains Farm is located in Washington state’s Snoqualmie River Valley, between Carnation and Duvall. Just 20 miles from downtown Seattle, our farm feels like it’s a world away from the city. Everything we produce is all-natural, from our delicious honey and 100% grass fed beef to our high-quality hay. No pesticides are applied on our property, and we use only natural fertilizers. Our land is hydrated by the Snoqualmie River itself, so even our irrigation process is natural.

Equestrian Facilities
Situated on 105 acres at the base of Novelty Hill, our state-of-the-art facilities consist of a 10-stall barn, 100’ x 200’ covered arena, 150’ x 150’ outdoor arena, and much more. For more information, visit our Equestrian Facilities page.

Never treated, adulterated or micro-filtered. Every jar is chock full of the most pollen-rich, flavorful honey we’ve ever tasted. Visit our Honey page for more information.

All-Natural 100%
Grass Fed Beef

All-natural 100% grass fed beef is available for processing and delivery from September through November. See our All-Natural 100% Grass Fed Beef page for further information.

All Natural Hay
Our first cutting of hay is typically available the first part of July. The two sting, 60 pound orchard grass bales are usually sold out by October.

Life at Two Mountains Farm just keeps getting better. Thanks for sharing in our excitement, and please contact us if you would like further information about our equestrian facilities, 100% grass fed beef, honey or pesticide-free hay. We’re always happy to hear from you!